The Element of Olympic Games in Household Furnishing

This year is the Olympic Games year. Olympic Games not only appear on the stadium, but also walk into ordinary family. Maybe you cannot play games, but you can feel the atmosphere. Today, I will introduce some goods about Olympic Games in this year’s Household Furnishing.

1.The Lucky Clouds Wallpaper

Have you ever thought to hang or stick the lucky clouds on the wall? To expect it would bring good luck to your family. Now the dream comes true.

This kind of lucky clouds wallpaper is designed by Ulf Moritz, who is the star designer of pioneer textile industry.

The work compromises the idiosyncracy of China and Olympic Games. The color is mixed with Purple and white. It not only shows the romantic sentiments, but also can bring you unlimited imaginations. Therefore, in this jubilant year, this kind of wallpaper is sold very well, even if it is so expensive.

2. The Bird's Nest Lighter and Ashtray

If your family member smoke at home or you are a fan of the Bird's Nest, you must attention the following goods.

This combination of lighter and ashtray are copy the design of the Bird's Nest. The material is zinc alloy. They have glided or silvered surface .When you use the lighter, it can spurt colorful light. The ashtray can be dismantled and assembled breezily, so it is easy to clean.

The price of the combination varies from 30 RMB to 180 RMB. It is the great gift for you to collect or present to your relatives and friends. They have unique shape, both fashion and commemorative. They will add lustre to your house. You can always feel the Olympic atmosphere.

3. A Tea Set of Chinese Lantern.

If you like Chinese tea or Chinese ceramics, you can’t miss such a trophy. It is a tea service of Chinese lantern.

When you lap over two cups, you will find it looks like a Chinese traditional red lantern. How interesting! That is a bright spot of this tea service. Its dominant hue is red, intersperse with little black color.

The design of the shape is composure and in good taste. It compromises with Chinese traditional tea culture, pottery culture, lanterns culture and the world’s Olympic culture, both classical and modern. It is a good share with your family when you use this service.

4. Olympic Storage Box

Are you a trend-spotter? Are you worry about how to deposited small items? Now there is a way. The small Olympic Storage Box can help you.

It is made of environment translucent plastic. There are several colors for choose, such as red, white, blue and so on. You can choose anyone according to your love. It is about 14.5*14.5*5CM.You can put some trinket or any other small things into it. The price is between 8 to 18 RMB.

The form is as the same as The Bird’s Nest. The hole in the middle looks like the shape of 8.It indicates the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Look at the picture, don’t you think it is very lovely and modern.

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