Chinese Ceramics (Part II) - Life Sentiments origins from Elegance

Part II: Ceramics - Life Sentiments origins from Elegance

The origin of ceramics and porcelain is an important symbol of human civilization, it is also the first time human take advantage of nature to creat a brand new thing in accordance with their own wishes. A thousand years ago, Chinese ancestors had already learned the technology of ceramic production.

As it can be seen from the pottery, our ancestors were made creations in accordance with the spirit of "revere for heaven and earth and desire harvest".

The Majiagou Kiln Culture was first discovered in Majiagou Village, Lintao County, Gansu province, China. Its greatest feature is the pottery industry there was developed very well.

                      Cloth Textured Incense Burner

The above pottery is a cloth textured incense burner produced during the Warring States period, and was unearthed in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang province. As we all known, heart-shaped ornamentations appeared most in weatern artworks, and spices also were special for westerners. However, as early as 2,000 years ago, Chinese ancestors already had such an elegant living atmosphere.

The Tang Tri-colored Pottery was invented in Southern and Northern Dynasties and flourished in the Tang Dynastyy over 1300 years ago, its color is mainly yellow, brown, and green. The Tang Tri-colored Pottery featured with vivid styles and bright colors, all the Tang Tri-colored Pottery unearthed are full of life air.

The Tang Tri-colored Pottery is a low-temperature lead-glazed pottery, different metal oxides were added to the color glaze, then during the calcination process a variety of colors formed, and showing grand splendid artistic charm.

                Musicians on Camel Figurine of Tang dynasty

The Musicians on Camel Figurine of Tang dynasty unearthed from Xi'an Tang dynasty tomb in 1959, its shape is very vivid. There are 7 singing and dancing musicians (6 males and 1 female) on the camel.

Although buried in the ground for over 1,300 years and still dazzling when it was been unearthed.

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