Chinese Ceramics (Part I) - Art Treasures from Nature

Part I: Chinese Ceramics: Important Symbol of Human Civilization

The origin of ceramics is an important symbol of human civilization, it is also the first time human take advantage of nature and a brand new thing created by human in accordance with their own wishes. As early as more than one thousand years ago, our ancestors had already grasped the technology of making ceramics.

As the birthplace of the ceramics industry, China enjoys the reputation as a "porcelain country" in the world. As Jingdezhen even known as a famous porcelain city in the world, its porcelain techniques has reached the most peak height, the world rating its ceramics "white as jade, thin as paper, sound as chime, bright as mirror".

Not only Jingdezhen known as the ‘porcelain city’ of China, it is also the world's ‘porcelain city’. Word "China" in English, the pronunciation is just origins from its name of Jingdezhen in history as "Chang South."

Before the 18th century, Europe was still not capable of making porcelain. So at that time,  Chinese porcelain, especially fine porcelain manufactured by Chang South town are popular in Europe widely, even the royal family will proud with getting to a piece of Chang South porcelain ware. Since then, porcelain got the name as "China" went around in Europe.

During the Song Dynasty, Emperor Song Zhenzong changed the Chang South county into "Jingdezhen". Since then, Jingdezhen become a world-class porcelain city with the longest firing history, the largest scale and the most sophisticated technology in the world.

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