Traditional Chinese Paintings & Modern Chinese Paintings

Traditional Chinese Paintings

Traditional Chinese paintings are the art of imagism. They are the manifestation of the painter's spirit and temperament rather than the imitation of nature.

The images in the paintings are like the characters in calligraphy, both of which are highly abstract symbols but easy to convey meanings, and are always integrated with conventional artistic formalities. In this way, the ancient masters created the unique images and formulas in their minds, diverse in style and vivid in content.

However, most people got accustomed to imitating these ancient paintings, at last, most paintings later on were nothing but copies. These copies are flooded everywhere, as a result, they undermines the elegant of art and encourages the vulgarity.

Modern Chinese Paintings 

Modern Chinese painting is still caught in a dilemma--- struggle to survive the downward vulgarity. Luckily, A Wen and some of his fellow artists are bent on breaking the mold.

They want to find their individual identities to create new imageries and new styles of their own and in line with the modern times.

Meanwhile, they continue to be inspired by the elegance of the past.

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