Happy 51 Labor Days!

51 international Labor Days call 51 sections, May 1 in every year.It is the whole world labor common festival of the people.

As for "51 causes of the section"s are such:

This stanza comes from the worker’s big strike of American Chicago.On May 1 in 1886, Chicago of 20 in order to fight for practicing eight hours to work to make but hold the big strike, many ten thousand workerses pass by hard of bloodshed conflict, acquired the victory finally.

For memorial this time the socialist that the worker’s one who exercise, July 14 in 1889, from all countries Marxist call represents the conference, Parisian solemn and impressive open in France.On the conference, attend meeting to represent the consistent approval:Common festival that May 1 settles for the international proletariat.This resolution gets the international community, the worker responds to actively.

On May 1 in 1890, the working class of Euro-American all countries leads off to go into the street, holding the grand demonstration and holding a meeting, fighting for the legal rights.From now on, every time round this international community labors the people to all want the catcall, parade, to show to celebrate.

At last, wish all my friends Happy 51 Labor Days!

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