Love with Crystal II – Give a Glance at the Mysterious World of Crystal (down part)

5) Pink Crystal (Rose Crystal)

Pink crystal is in the first rank in the assortment of love stones, the luster diffused by pink crystal is moderate and attractive light pink lights, which could make you be loved by peoples around, so it has a particular important influence on the office harmony relations and personal connections there of you. Whether with your customers, boss, colleagues or subordinates, pink crystal could bring you a great aid to improve your human relations, also to increase your popularity.


1. Wearing pink crystal jewelry on the left hand could soften your temperament, while wearing on the right hand could enhance your attractiveness to the outside world.

2. Pink crystal is easily fade into white when it be putted in a high-temperature, so it best to avoid cleaning it in the the sun.

* pink crystal earrings, lovely and pure

Pink crystal is the most cute ornament in this season, the pieces of exquisitely beautiful pink crystal jewelries, distribute its unique charms and bring endless hopes and opportunities to every girls who are pursuing for styles of elegance and pretty, and perform the lovely pure characters of household girls fully, thus they have become so attractive that it difficult to escape sight attentions of peoples around.

6) Milky Crystal

Milky crystal has a moderate white color as mild water, which emits soft and indifferent lights, could arouse the crystal holder filled with emotions, and it be known as the best stone with the ability of emotion evocation.

Milky crystal could make the holder himself full with loves and mercies, also poured selfless and egoless love into all living creatures that are survived in the times, it endowed with powers of making people become emotional. It could make you no longer considered that the others are meticulous, and no longer kept feelings of inferiority and self-pity for considering that yourself are inferior to others, and could see the characteristics and differences of everyone, while give more confidence on the abilities you own and exert your advantages more freely.

If you always can not open your hearts and minds that other peoples all could not able to understand you, please wearing a piece of white crystal.

The features and energy of milky crystal could give you assistance to break the barriers and restrictions build yourself in your heart, thus to communicate with other peoples with a simple and natural mood.

* milky crystal ring, pure and fresh

7) Rutilated Crystal (Hair Crystal)

Hair crystal is actually a type of natural crystal that contains a variety of inside needle shape minerals, these hair needle minerals with different combinations are distributed inside hair crystals, which are looked as if hairs have been embraced in the crystal, so named as "hair crystal".

Inside hair crystal there are minerals of titanium dioxide, rutile, black tourmaline or actinolite. Hair crystals contained a variety of minerals will be formed hair crystals in different colors, such as: hair crystal contains rutiles will formed into titanium (blond) crystal, red hair crystal, silver (white) hair crystal, yellow hair crystal; black hair crystals contained black tourmalines, while crystals contains actinolites will formed into green hair crystal. In the forming process of hair crystal, for different arrangement and the formation ways there maybe produced fine (very thin) hair crystal as known as "rabbit hair crystal".

* Tiatanium Crystal

* Red Hair Crystal

* Gold Hair Crystal

* Green Hair Crystal

A variety of hair crystals in different colors are all greatly helpful for the heart of us, especially in the function of calming spirits, wearing a piece of hair crystal jewelry could get rid of the nervous moods and calm down soon, and further to consider the next the next step, then to enhance the magnetic field and beliefs owned and find the way to the success finally.

8) Red Crystal

Red crystal, known as rabbit hair crystal, also has a alias of "Venus Crystal", is a type of rutile shaped as a network, there are dense hairs as if a pretty girls hairs twisted softly inside the crystal. It is an expensive crystal in crystal products, whose production is extremely small, so there are few people knew it.

Natural red crystal could inspire spirit, bring you a peaceful soul and tranquil moods, it could used as an amulet to keep from turbid gas and dirty things. At the same time, as endowed with specific energies and vibration power, red crystal could not only has functions of health care, but also helpful for diseases treatment and avoid bad fortunes, so it suitable to be kept as a treasure.

As in charged with ‘fire’ in the five-elements, master the seabed annulus in the sever turns of body and control endocrine system, so could help the crystal wearer to improve the conditions of inside circulation, and has good effects on the treatment of gynecological diseases. If women worn a piece of crystal long time whose skin could become more white and become more beautiful, so the red crystals have functions of beauty.

Red crystal could also inspire people’s morale and enhance its self-confidence.
* Warm red crystal earring, bring you a warm and cozy winter.

9) Quartz Cat's Eye

Quartz cat's eye is one kind of cat’s eye stones, which is always be referred to by mineralogists in China and abroad when they are talking about crystals.

The high grade "green fantom" bracelet set with cat's eyes in the above picture is just belongs to quartz cat's eye.

There are many aliases of quartz cat's eye, for example, cat's eyes, cat's eyeballs, Le-stone (called in jewelry line of our country), it also known as "the East Cat's Eye" or "Sri Lanka cat's eye". In the East, opals as quartz cat's eyes had been regarded as a symbol of good luck, people believes that it could safeguard the owner’s health and be free of dangers and troubles, as long as you posses a piece of quart cat’s eye, you could posses a better future.

Matched with gold, platinum and so on, quartz cat's eye could be made of jewelries, which are not only noble and elegant, but also with special favors. It's could be made into a variety of earrings and suitable for wearing in nights.

Dazzling luster revealed in its limpid and brilliant qualities, sometimes it looked veiled, and sometimes it looked outstanding, against with the lights, it would bring you more charms.

Necklaces made of quartz cat's eyes, coordinated with a variety of dresses in matched colors, are unique and generous, the color of which is not monotonous and is gracious too.

When to appreciate finger rings made of quartz cat's eyes, you may get the ring in the hands and turned it around in the sun to observe the light changes of the cat’s eyes. The cat's eye with straight, bright eye lines and vivid colors, and the spaces on which around the "cat's eye" could reflected several beams of light, is the best one.


Love with Crystal II --- Give a Glance at the Mysterious World of Crystal (Up part)

Crystal is one kind of intelligential minerals, it could bring us good luck while eliminate bad luck, and it has been described as a fairy treasure of natural stones.

The special molecular structure of crystal is a fruit of absorbing the elites of the sun, moon and the earth endlessly, thus endowed with super powerful nimbus and magnetic energy, and with an incredible force for Aura. Keeping a crystal with as to carry a body guardian of King Kong, it has functions of self-cultivation, health care, training of qi, house guarding, gathering wealth, praying, recruiting wealth, worshiping Buddha, removing blocks, prapatti, adding wisdom, help edge, and keeping away from villains and so on.

In the study of Feng Shui, crystal was also called "Feng Shui Stone", because the natural crystal has agglomerated nimbus in universe of thousands eternities, deposited in the crust from a variety of natural elements (minerals) and refined through innumerable years, thus formed in a variety of crystals, each kind of crystal represents a different frequency of energy, and produce different magnetic fields and functions, so in Feng Shui theory, according to the truth of five elements generated and restricted mutually, crystal has evolved into the most important study of five elements as metal, wood , water, fire and earth.

For years crystal experts have constantly studied over and provided a large amount of literatures and examples of crystal lovers and have proved that crystal contains enormous amounts of energy and mysterious magic power, reply on which could not only reversed back lucks into good desires, but also is an ancient culture that worthy to promote all through millions of years.

Crystal Assorment

There are mainly 9 species in the crystal family catefory as following:

  White Crystal
  Smoky Quartz
  Rose Quartz
  Milky Quartz
  Rutilated Quartz
  Cats Eyes
  Red Quartz 

1) White Crystal
White crystal is a sort of transparent and colorless or white color crystal, natural crystalline is shaped in a hexagonal column. It is the most representative gem endowed with most functions, applications and most helpful in the crystal family, and be called ”The King of Crystal”.

White crystal has the abilities of bringing people a calm mind, a pure and harmonious spirit, and demolishing negative energies around and on people ‘s body, it can amends magnetic fields around and that of people’s bodies, thus to make sick peoples to regain a strong and healthy body, and brings good lucks too; There’s a legend said magically that crystal could not close to witches and wizard for it’s feminine vigor, so white crystal endowed with powers of guarding house, guarding shop and breaking bad fortunes.

* white crystal necklace, elegant and romatic

2) Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst crystal is the most noble and beautiful member in the crystal family, it also known as "Feng Shui Stone”, Japanese called amethyst as energy stone. As appeared in purple color for there’s a trace of Fe (iron) infiltrated in, as ferric oxide is the main cause of the color of bright purple, while light-colored amethysts are mostly be heated and transformed into yellow crystals (artificial heating is commonly while natural yellow crystal engendered by natural heating that through thousands of million years are very rare).

Amethyst crystal also has other forms, most of amethyst crystals are grown in the introversive mode, which called as amethyst crystal holes, and amethyst crystal clusters grown in extroversive mode are extremely rare (the most available crystal clusters in the market are white crystal clusters).

Amethyst crystal is on behalf of the spirituality, mentality, top-tier love, which could be presented as an engaging gift or a keepsake to admirers. As one kind of traditional amulet amethyst crystals are generally able to drive bad fortunes and bring good lucks, also to improve one’s wisdom, adjusting mood, promoting intuition, help to focus attention, enhancing memory and give people courage and strength.

The color of purple is the dominant key to right-brain world, which control one’s intuition and subconscious minds, it is particularly suitable for Aries persons to keeping amethyst, thus help to collect vigor, improving the vitality of thinking, and help people in trouble to think calmly and to face challenges offered with reality.

Amethyst crystal also is the guarding stone and birthstone of Aquarius persons.

* amethyst pendant, mysterious and noble

3) Citrine Crystal (Yellow Crystal)

Citrine crystal is known as "crystal yellow gem" in the gem community, whose colors are different from light yellow, yellow, orange yellow to gold yellow. Due to its superior brightness and color it could be measured as a top grade citrine as long as endowed with transparent, bright and clean characters, also with a fine visibility quality that superior much to that of topaz, so citrine crystal are favored by consumers much, they often be incised into pendants or rings. Furthermore, as natural citrine crystals are extremely rare in the nature, so its prices are more expensive.

Citrine crystal is a symbol of wisdom and joy, it could bring us full confidence, and reduce fears and guilt senses too, so it has a good ability of calming and adjusting moods for persons who are prissy or nervous more. At the same time, citrine crystal is also the guardian stone for Gemini persons!

Citrine crystal also is helpful for persons who are weak in pancreas and endocrine nervous system, it’s also essential for diabetics, also is helpful for the treatment of stomach cramps and swelling.

As citrine crystal is mainly preferred for money recruiting, so it is an indispensable aid for stock holders, a citrine crystal ball is particularly has a more strong cohesion and is more prominent with this function, So, aside from placing a wealth guardian in home, it’s best to wear a citrine crystal bracelet for a stock enthusiast .

* citrine crystal finger ring, vivacious and gracious

4) Smoky Quartz (or Brown Quartz)

Smoky Quartz or Brown Quartz also known as smoky crystal and black crystal, it is radioactive and contained strong energy implicitly. Most of smoky crystals are formed in hexagonal prism shapes, and sometimes contained ice-break and clouds materials inside same as other transparent crystals. The color shades of smoky crystal are various, different from light brown or dark brown, but sometimes formed into the color of black brown that completely dark. The variety of smoky crystal’s color shade is caused by the influences of natural radiation during the crystal’s forming course.

Smoky crystal is a representative crystal for stability, wearing a smoky quartz bracelet (remember to wear on the left hand) could help you to be more steadily, solid and practical, also it could help you to control your flighty and nervous characters, making your mood field in dispassion thus to calm down your thoughts, so you can look through the complex conditions clearly and make the most efficient direct reaction and way to deal with the response.

Smoky crystal has a strong ability to regenerate, so it could shorten the time of wounds healing, at the same time smoky crystal is significant effective for absorbing negative energy (especially best for absorbing confused gas, or avoiding bad fortunes), it can enhance the function of people’s immune system, give more vigor to human cells, thus to reduce the body’s aging speed and recover the vitality of youth.

In addition, smoky crystal can improve the male’s sexual function significantly, and also helpful for women to moderate her blood and gas and intensifying the curative efficacy of women's disease.

* smoky crystal earrings, mellow and fresh clean

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Pearl Jewelry, Each Granule is Charming

Pearls are some of the most prized gems and jewelry pieces in museums around the world. Their rareness, mystery and symbolism of purity have made them one of the most cherished gifts among the wealthy.

Who was the first person to open an oyster and see a perfectly round, lustrous pearl? Whoever she or he was, it was most likely thousands and thousands of years ago. Pearls were one of the first stones to be valued by people because it was, and still is, one of the only gemstones that require no cutting or polishing. Its beauty is evident the moment it's removed from the shell.

The pearl has always been a rather prim and proper piece of jewelry - classic and seeped in tradition. Well, things they are a changing! The pearl is has had a very glamorous make over! Yes, the classic strand still exists, as it always will. But we warned we are seeing some vary daring looks from the pearl this season. Extra long lengths, tasseled multi strands, pearls with semi precious stone accents, pearls on gold or silver chains. The pearl has been transformed into a fun and fashionable accessory.

Today, pearls symbolize purity and innocence, and are considered to be the wedding gem, even more so than diamonds are. If you would like to see, a quick look at any bridal catalog or magazine will show photos of real and fake pearls adorning hats, gowns, gloves, veils, purses, and ring-bearer pillows. Pearls are the essential wedding gem, and now more and more men are wearing pearls, as they did before.

So if you're going to be in the market for pearls this year here is what you should know.

The glow or radiance of a pearl is the most important quality. Avoid pearls that are chalky or dull, as they will be weak and may crack or peal.

The surface of the pearl should be blemish free - no bumps or cracks. Inspect under a bright light. Baroque pearls are the exception to this rule - their charm is in their irregularities.

Pearls are measured in millimeters. The larger the pearl the higher the cost. A 6mm pearl is going to be much less than a 12mm pearl.

The least expensive pearls are the freshwaters, which mainly come from China. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Average size is around 7 mm.

The best way to care for your pearls is simply to wear them. The natural skin oils keep them moisturized. Do not put them on until you are done with your cosmetics. This includes hair, facial, and perfume. The residues from these products will ruin your pearls. Do not wear your pearls in the water - chlorinated and salt water will damage them. Polish with a soft cloth and never use jewelry cleaning products on your pearls.

Quality pearls are not cheap but they will last a lifetime. Freshwater pearls are becoming very affordable. Not all of us will be in the market for "Real Pearls" and lucky us there are plenty of options. Swarovski makes a crystal pearl that is of the finest quality and quite difficult to tell from a true pearl for a fraction of the cost and they are available in a variety of colors. There is an endless supply of imitation pearl or costume jewelry pearls on the market. These are offered in a wide variety of styles and colors. Great fun at affordable prices.

Pearls never go out of style - they're always a classy and traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint you.


Love with Crystal I – Limpid and Brilliant Crystal Jewelry

Through the ages, there’s nothing like crystal as the purest thing in the world. It is often be described as a virgin girl's tears, also as stars in the sky of the summer nights, wisdom fruits of the saints, elites of the earth and all. People also endow a lot of beautiful fairy tales with crystal, repose symbols, hopes and pieces of mystery on her.

As one kind of ancient jewels, crystal is known and reputed as "water spirit", "water jade" and "Buddha stone". No woman will deny the beauty of crystal, whose visible transparent texture and engaging mysterious character, all attract each soul of beauty lover. At the turn period of winter to spring, crystal jewelry thus become women’s favorite jewelry, whether you are a elegant and intellectual lady, or a unruly wild woman, crystal can give you a good chance to perform and display your special charms and unique beauty.

Crystal Necklace

Wearing elegant crystal necklace and enjoying a soft and tender woman’s exquisite life

As a sort of jewelry, with its transparent, clear, dreamful and shining quality and characters, crystal necklace has conquered countless women’s soul.

In general crystal necklace can be divided into amethyst necklace, black crystal necklace, natural crystal necklace and white crystal necklace.

Amethyst necklace, she is so mysterious and noble to serves as a foil to women’s perfect temperaments and to display women attractive charms, and let you become the outstanding point of fashion.

Crystal Bracelet

- Saying girls’ sweet minds and display your personalized style, wearing a piece of crystal bracelet, everything you do will be beautiful and fashionable.

To wear a piece of crystal bracelet, you should notice that there’s a traditional custom that bracelet made of absorbent quality crystals should be worn on the left hand, while projective crystals should to be worn on the right hand.

Colorful crystal bracelets of surpassing brilliance are made of fine quality crystal material and created with superb technique. The combination of colorful crystal diamonds is dazzling, noble and gorgeous, wearing on the wrist could make you shining and show your unique beauty.

Crystal Ankle Bracelet

Crystal ankle bracelet is one of a popular jewelry that caters for young ladies’ favor, it mainly suitable for wearing in informal occasions. There’s a legend that if you send a piece of anklet bracelet to your lover, you two will be together in the next life.

Crystal Hair Pin
--- gracious and distinguished

A crown shape hair grip made of crystal or pearls is all along the first choice of brides that used for outstanding their shiny beauty and elegant temperaments when they doing hairs, in this year you may use a crystal crown hairpin to be a more stylish bride.

Crystal Earrings--- Lively and gorgeous

Clear and clean crystal earrings, created out by elaborate carving technique and careful inlaid process, it bunched and suspending from ears, and has become a romantic element that is exquisite, lovely, and fashion ladies are difficult to tear themselves away.

As a wholly apposite ornament, with bright shining charms…it’s lively as well as gracious, crystal earrings fully demonstrate women's temperaments of purity and romance, it suitable for an elegant woman who has predominant characters.

Crystal Pendant
--- a cute holy treasure of the nature

Transparent white crystal pendant, it is romantic and casual, whose design ideas are mostly focused on sweet and leisure moods of little women, they are so much changes in the styles that amazing a lot, as small and fine, crystals can bring finishing touches to the apparel fashion.

Crystal Brooch
--- Dream colored and brilliant

Brooch has been relatively lonely long in the jewelry world, but in this season you may use a piece of brilliant and dream colored crystal brooch freely to add fashion tints on the chest.

Crystal brooches in this season are still concentrated on designs of fabulous nature as flowers and animals, they could fully bring you rich dynamic feelings and make you outstanding luminous.

If you are going to be a bride, as long as to use a little creative mind and some imaginations, for example, in the neck, on the shoulder, also you can pin it differently on some special places, and matched with a piece of right wedding gown, then you can become attractive much and indelible.

Ending Remarks:

There’s a song singing that: "The love between you and me is just like crystal, it’s so clean and transparent that there are no burdens and secrets in". Crystal in legend is the tears of angels that falling into the ordinary world, it’s the most limpid nutrients that could guide you to walk through the happy days quietly.


Christmas Gifts Ideas for Boxing Fans

As the Christmas season is coming soon, do you need a gift for one of your friends who is a crazy boxing fan? These great boxing related gift ideas maybe let him excited and screamed out.

Hand Wraps and Boxing Gloves
Together for a reason that the hand wraps and gloves work together to protect the bones and connective tissues of the hand and wrist that why we choose them. Get 180" elastic hand wraps and 16oz bag gloves with a hook and loop fastener.

A Heavy Bag
These come in various shapes and sizes from 25 lbs all the way up to 200 and more. A 70 lb canvas bag is a good choice. Add a roll of duct tape to wrap around the punch zone for that authentic gym look and feel.

Boxing Cards
This doesn't have to be a $1000.00 ringside seat at the MGM grand, do a Google search for boxing in your area. Many hotels, such as the Marriot, have boxing cards every month. Tickets are often only $25.00-$50.00 and your boxing fan will get to see good, up-and-coming local talent. When one of them breaks out and becomes famous (and some will) your fan can say, "I knew him when..."

Speed-bag and Platform
There is nothing like the sound of a speed-bag's rat-ta-tat to give a boxing fan goosebumps. It takes only a little practice to become proficient and it's a riotous good time.

A Book on Boxing
There are several great books on the sport of boxing with topics ranging from training aids to biographies of boxing legends. If your boxing fan is on the couch, they can always read in between fights.

Leather Jump Rope
At ten bucks or less, this is the cardio deal of all time. There's reason boxer's use these things.

Boxing Movies
Who can forget Robert Dinero in "Raging Bull" as the legendary Jake LaMotta, or Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky" as a struggling journeyman fighter in Philadelphia who gets a shot at the big time. Yes, your boxing fan is still in front of the tube, but at least you can make make some popcorn and join them.

A Round Timer
Even the simplest ones can be calibrated for two minutes (amateur and women's rounds) three minutes (professional rounds) with 30 second or 60 second rest periods. Good ones will also have a 30 second warning for the end of a round so the boxer can step up their activity. Ends the distraction of clock-watching so they can concentrate on their workout.

We know watching boxing on TV is fun, but there is nothing like experiencing for oneself the things that boxers do. Take a tour through the gym for ideas and watch your boxing fan friend in your house enjoy your Christmas gift for the holidays to come.


Ethnic Embroidery of Qiang – A Miracle in Chinese Folk Art (4)

Paper-cutting and embroidery are both folk industrial art forms of China, they both are indivisible parts of Chinese folk culture. As a wonderful art miracle of Qiang nation culture, Qiang embroidery, in terms of design, color, form or stitch styles, are all imbued with rich deposits of the ancient Qiang nation’s millennium culture and Qiang people’s ideas for life.

The author believes that the merits and meanings to dig out the Qiang nation’s folk embroidery and paper cutting art are not only exists in art scope, for us it’s undoubtedly valuable and significant to learn more about the history of this nation and be aware of the relationships between the Qiang folk art and that of other nations.

Qiang nation, also be called "the nation stay in clouds ", mainly live together in the Mao county of Aba prefecture, Wenchuan county and Li county, as well as the Beichuan autonomous county of Qiang nation in Mianyang city in Sichuan province China. "Qiang Embroidery" is a subsistent heritage of Qiang nation culture that most lively so far and closest to Qiang nation people’s life, it also is the best art communication bridge to the real-world, its forms, color matching and stitching styles are featured with significant ethnic characteristics.

Qiang nation people’s costume are gorgeous as well as simple, and whether men or women in Qiang nation are all prefer to wearing headscarves, they are accustomed to wear long linen gowns that woven by themselves, wear long cloth gowns, coats, sheepskin vests too, and ”Yunyun shoes" (a sort of Qiang nation’s embroidered cloth shoes) on feet. A variety of geometric patterns of embroidery are familiar on Qiang women's clothes and they usually wearing silver jewelry such as earrings, silver plates and so on, and wearing embroidered shoes with sharp hook toes. Men in Qiang nation generally tie hanging knives and leather wallets on the waist, they wearing fabric shoes or straw sandals, and wrapping wool puttees, also with waist belts tied on. Today, in areas close to the cities and towns of Han people, affected by the Han people’s clothing, Qiang people mostly wearing Han apparels and only wearing Qiang costumes in holidays.

Through the changes of history and turns of times, with the developing of Chinese cities, modern people favorite for going after changes and curious about adventures, as life styles and aesthetic concepts transformed, traditional folk embroidery appeared in cities from the countryside gradually, not only the sentiments and aspirations of citizen members have been infiltrated with embroidery art, but also thousands of families effected by and began to practice the skill of embroidery together.

Qiang folk art could switched to response the times, thus naturally to regain a new life. In particular, as in this prosperous millennium, people greet the occasion and are all eager to be rich, the embroidery art should to catch the popular fancy and focus on displaying the connotations of people’s hopes that praying for rich, profit, good luck and safety. So, as served as a national product, Qiang embroidery could be descended and developed at the same time. Therefor, we can conclude that there is potential large market for the national folk art’s enhancement and development.

In 21st century the most promoted idea we referred is innovation, we believe that based on maintaining the Qiang embroidery’s traditional essences and integrated with our rich and profound culture deposits and modern styles, thus produced works combined with modern fashion elements, we are able to obtain a broader space for development and display Qiang embroidery art’s unique charms.


Ethnic Embroidery of Qiang – A Miracle in Chinese Folk Art (3)

Qiang's ethnic folk art are rooted in China's ancient history and folk culture, applied with colorful silk threads and cotton color threads, Qiang nation's peoples created various embroidery patterns and images such as flowers and fruits, fowls and beasts, pines, bamboos, plums, chrysanthemums, a mass of blossom, Harmony in Water and Fish and so on. In those simple artistic forms, rich connotations are contained and displayed out.

Women in Qiang nation are all good at embroidery work, which is one of essential skills that Qiang nation women experienced, and it's also a main rule to measure whether a Qiang nation girl is intelligent, dexterous and diligent or not. Women in Qiang are often be taught by their elderships to practice embroidery skill hardly when they are still a little girl. When they are in their 6 or 7-year old, the mother will began to teach her daughter to learn the embroidery skill, so when the daughter grew in her marriage age, she usually has become a skilled embroidery master, and when a man in Qiang nation going to pursue for a wife, the basic requirement is the girl should having grasped the embroidery skill well, if the girl are not skilled with embroidery work, the man would not like her. As a result, no woman in Qiang nation could not do embroidery job.

Women in Qiang nation commonly according to the intention person to choose the embroidery image pattern, for example, image patterns of "Fu", "Lu", "Shou" and so on are mostly designed for the elderly, and hereby to wish good health and longevity of the elderly; For children, images to against evil spirits would be picked mostly, and thus to bless healthy growth of children, and flower patterns would be choose also to imply children’s good health and favorable growth.

Young girl usually embroidered cigarettes bag for her lover, there are two pattern designs are most familiar, one is "The Mandarin duck plays with Water", the other is "The Swallows flying wing to wing from winter to spring". Both the two embroidery patterns are implies to love each other forever and stay together forever, and that is so-called "loves are contained in the sachet".

Served as a part of Qiang's ethnic culture, Qiang's ethnic embroidery bearing Qiang nation's people's love to the nature, their yearns for a better life, which are all displayed on their embroidered apparels, to show their rich regional culture and folk customs from one glance side. It can be said that the Qiang's folk embroidery and paper-cut art are visual carriers of Qiang's ethnic culture, they are direct and aesthetic symbolic expressions of this age-old ethnic groups' customs and lifestyles.

Qiang nation's "Yunyun shoes" is the most characteristic embroidered shoes, which are made with fabric and in a boat shape, with a little raised shoe toes and thicker soles, clouds images embroidered on the shoe uppers, it’s durable and wearable, is a typical lyric-by embroidery.

Not only with spirit appeal, but also actual practicality, this kind of art form congealed Qiang nation people's simple desires of blessing an auspicious future and a better life, and its culture characters extended whereby. This character is not only belongs to the Qiang nation, but also belongs to all Chinese working people.


Ethnic Embroidery of Qiang – A Miracle in Chinese Folk Art (2)

Qiang ethnic minority is one ancient nation in our Chinese ethnic family. For thousands of years, together with the other members of our big folk family, the ethnic minority of Qiang have created the Chinese nation's great splendid civilizations.

From the nomadic times to the farming times, from ancient times until today, The Qiang nation has experienced countless glory and honor, also suffered from hardships and tribulations. They always keep the Chinese nation’s fine qualities of hard-working, kind-hearted, simple and unadorned. In the mountains on the northwest Sichuan, between the canyons, they spread over and descended toughly from generation to generation, to retain a special, ancient folk culture gene in China.

Embroidery is a kind of traditional Chinese handicraft that using needles to draw various color threads go between fabrics and created drawings on it. The various embroidery patches and embroidered image patterns on Qiang nation people’s apparels are all belong to the traditional Qiang’s ethnic folk arts and crafts, which has a long history.

As to the production means, Qiang’s ethnic embroidery were produced by various individual families, also is through this method to achieve following and continuation traditionally. It is a unique art created own by Qiang nation’s people, which is imbued with their wisdoms and originalities.

Qiang’s ethnic embroidery works full of free imaginations and followed regular norms at same time, it is a sort of art creation that featured with merits of spontaneity, amateurism and self-entertainment. In the long history of development, Qiang’s ethnic embroidery formed its unique aesthetic styles, color specifications and functional forms naturally, also folk and self-embodied with national folk art rules which has aesthetic values.

As to the function, Qiang’s ethnic embroidery mainly used for decorating people’s coats and skirts, shoes, head towels, belts, ribbons, bands, straps, cuffs, pants, trousers bodies, shoe-uppers, insoles, pillowcases, handkerchiefs, clothing edges, sleeves and sachets, from these art patterns we can view the history line of Qiang’s ethnic costume culture.

As long as to do a bit statistics, we can learn that there are over 100 kinds of embroidery patterns merely in Qiang’s ethnic apparels, that is really colorful! Containing Qiang nation people’s fine aspirations for a better life, these exquisite embroidery works created by fine techniques are simple, rigorous, arranged ingenious and reasonable, also using moderate colors, thus to integrate the aesthetic forms and functional forms naturally: Not only for wearing beautiful, but also wearable, and the use lift extended consequently.

As per to Qiang’s ethnic embroidery, the aesthetic and practical functions of which could not be separated sharply. The reason is referring the practical function, to increase its wearable quality only is a primary step; in a deeper sense, those gorgeous and colorful image patterns on Qiang’s ethnic embroidery actually congealed Qiang nation people’s praying and blessing for life, which reflected their dreams of beyond reality.

As the image patterns they selected: fishes, flowers and birds, worms, fowls and beasts, figures, fruits and melons, flowers, ‘Fortunes smile upon and Favor you’, Treasures Fill the Home, Hundreds of birds visit Phoenix, all these designs are profound and lifelike. Although done with some geometric or other forms of transforming treatment, but are closely related to their reality all along, and the starting point of their ideas for a better life is just existed in such a reality of survival.