China's Handmade Embroidery - Embroidered Silk Visual Art

Hisotry of Chinese Handmade Embroidery

China has always been famous for its silk and its handmade silk embroidery. For millennia, the renowned "Silk Road" brought Chinese silk and embroidery to Central Asia, Western Asia, Europe and Africa. The silk trade created exchanges between China, India, Greece and Rome and acted as a link between these four ancient civilizations.

Since the earliest fabric samples of 3000 B.C. People in China realise that human beings have wanted to enliven their surroundings clothing, toiletries and linens by adding hand work of some kind over the woven fabrics.

Different areas of the devised their own peculiar styles. The type of thread, colors, motifs and presentation of each area and style are unique. Each region had a few stitches unique to their style. The motifs were related to nature and religion and everyday life of people.

Religious embroideries spanned the breadth of the age of the many religious organizations and royal courts. Handmade Embroidery art had patrons just like other art forms. These embroideries include gold threads or zardosi, chikankari, kasuti and kashmiri.

Chikankari is said to have a Turkish impression though it is mentioned in the records of Megasthenes in 3rd century B.C. Kashmiri embroidery is colorful with symbols like chinar leaf, apple blossom, lily, the saffron flower and the fauna of the region. Phulkari has brightly colored flowers on coarse cotton. Beadwork and Zardosi are Mughal introductions where as mirror work is typical to Gujarat and Rajasthan. Kantha' Embroidery of Bengal makes imaginative use of waste rugs and Kasuti is famous for religious themes.

- Styles of Chinese Silk Embroidery Art

There are several different levels of Chinese embroidered silk visual art:

• Antique (all handmade obviously)

• High quality, classical handmade

• Ordinary quality handmade

• Machine made

As corresponding, Suzhou embroidery (Su embroidery for short), Hunan embroidery (Xiang embroidery for short), Sichuan embroidery (Shu embroidery for short) and Guangdong embroidery (Yue embroidery for short) are the four most famous styles of embroidery in China.

The city of Suhou is the center of the Chinese handmade embroidered silk visual art. From there the silk industry spreads west to other cities including Suzhou and it extends to Shanghai, Wuxi, etc. and now includes Beijing, Guangxi, Guangdong. Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shandong, Hubei, Anhui and other places.

Merits of Chinese Handmade Embroidery

Handmade classical silk embroidery is alive. The high quality work looks lifelike. It's been created with loving care by an individual artist. These people are masters of their trade.

They have incredible skill and their work is stunningly beautiful. But it looks alive. The machine made versions look stiff and unnatural. It's quite easily distinguishable.

Handmade embroidery is done with pure silk thread. It has an exquisite, glossy feel to it. Real silk thread will break when used in a sewing machine. So the thread that is used in a machine is thicker and has an artificial fiber feel to it because it is a mix. It is not pure silk.

Chinese handmade silk embroidery is highly collectible. There are many collectors in Germany, the rest of Europe, the USA, Japan, Africa and in other countries, usually the affluent art aficionados all over the world. The embroidered silk is truly representative of Chinese art.

Authentic antique silk embroidered visual art sells for anywhere between $35,000 and $125,000, and is an excellent investment as their prices continue to rise. Over the long term (hundreds of years) the value has increased by as much as 50 times. These pieces are on display in museums and exist in private collections and become available for sale in much the same way any antique art does: dealers, auctions and so on, with the usual problems of verifying authenticity and provenance.

But machine embroidery may have become common these days and perhaps more economical but theuniqueness, variety, intricacy, art and fineness of hand embroidery is unmatched and as yet unchallenged. Today you can also buy modern, hand embroidered silk of the type that is being produced. This varies greatly in quality. At one extreme there is ordinary handmade silk embroidery which you can buy for as little as $100 for a piece. Then there is high quality, classical embroidered silk being produced at higher prices. These pieces tend to sell at auction and therefore the prices can go very high and be somewhat unpredictable.

A Special Kind of Chinese Handmade Embroidery - Chinese Double Sided Embroidery

The double sided embroidery is a technique in which stitching takes place on both sides of a single transparent silk fabric. The design shows on both sides (front and reverse). Such a piece is normally mounted on a wooden frame as a screen, one really can't tell which side is the front or the back.

Most of the double sided embroideries, almost all, people see in shops have the same images on both sides. However there are a few double sided embroideries that have two different images on both sides. It's a mystery and secret how this kind of works are made.

Fine Works of Chinese Handmade Embroidery

People from different countries have different tastes. A silk handmade embroidery popular in one country is not necessarily popular in another country. But there are some silk embroideries that seem almost everyone likes them.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful painting on a piece of silk satin? Just imagine embroidering such a delicate figure with threads and needles! But such exquisite embroidery has been one of China's most famous art forms for many centuries, and four main schools of embroidery have established with their unique techniques.

The Chinese Art of Painting with Silk Threads

Remark: Clever photographer, Nancy Fox, recently returned from a tour of mainland China. A visit to an embroidery factory in Suzhou was high on her list of places to see. She was not disappointed. When she arrived, the artists were hard at work producing these paintings. They readily consented to let Nancy photograph them while they worked.

* Last, if you interests, you can find all kinds of Chinese silk handmade silk embroidery art for sale on the Internet like any other modern or old art.

Thanks for your views.


Special Reports: Reading The Slogan and The Emblem of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

Today, 10:30, Beijing Paralympic Games flame fire collection ceremony celebrated in Qilian palace of the Temple of Heaven, prior to a huge background of "Auspicious Clouds".

Refer to the Olympic flame collection style, the Paralympic flame will be fired with a concave mirror to concentrate the light, that also implicates the flame fire is come from the Sun.

Reading The Slogan of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

"One World, One Dream", which embodies the essence of the paralympic spirit and its universal sense of value - unity, friendship, progress, harmony, participation and dreams, to express that people all over the world impelled by spirit of the Paralympic spirit have a common aspiration to pursue a better future. Despite of different colors, different languages, different races, we could share the Paralympic charms and joys together, pursue the ideal of world peace in common, we belong to one world, we have the same hopes and dreams.

"One World, One Dream", which profoundly reflect the core philosophy of the Beijing Olympic Games, that is "Green Olympics, Hi-tech Olympics and People's Olympics". It also embodies a harmony value system of People's Olympics". To build a harmonious society and realize the harmonious development is our dream and aspiration. "Nature and Man in One" and "Harmony is most precious pace is to be cherished" are Chinese people's ideas and aspirations since ancient times for relations between people and nature, also people and people. We believe that peace and progress, harmonious development, to live in harmony and win-win cooperation, has a harmony life is the common ideal of the world.

Reading The Emblem of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

Based on the concept of "Heaven, Earth, People all in One", The emblem of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games integrates the Chinese language, calligraphy and the spirit of the paralympics in a whole, that embodies Chinese traditional culture and the spirit of the modern Olympics, also embodies the spirit of the paraolympics as "Mental, Body, Spirit in One", has a profound deposits of traditional Chinese culture.

The graphic part of the emblem was composed with Chinese word "Zhi" shape in three color - red, blue, green, puts up a sports human figure with a kind calligraphy stoke, as if a gymnast who is acting a forward leap, also as an athlete who is act air rotating on a pommel horse, also embodies the concept of sports. The word "Zhi" contains meanings of "birth, meaning and arriving", it's twist style indicates a meaning that human will finally achieved success after undergoing a series of unfortunate events.

Colors used by the emblem as red, indicates the sun; deep blue, indicates the blue sky; green, indicates the earth. Three strokes in three kinds of color composed together as a human figure in sport, namely as "Heaven, Earth and Human", embodies the idea of "Nature and Human in One" in traditional Chinese culture, expressed the modern scientific concept of development, the pursuit of sports harmonyness, the idea of human self developed harmonious with nature and society. The emblem color also fully embodies the main ideas of the Beijing Olympic Games : Red indicates the "Red China" endowed with thick Chinese features, embodies the idea of "People's Olympics"; Deep blue represents high-tech, embodies the idea of "Hi-tech Olympics"; Green on behalf of the environment, embodies the idea of "Green Olympics".

Finished Remarks:

The Emblem of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games use Chinese Words "Heaven, Earth and Human" as its graphic pattern, the emblem of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games use a seal of "China Print - Dancing Beijing" as its graphic design, "Chinese Word" and "Chinese Seal" both are typical traditional Chinese culture elements, which full of China's civilization features, both echoed in ideas and art styles. The two emblems benefit by associating together and shine by reflecting each other, concentrate on display the idea of "Humanistic Olympics", so have profound meanings and strong expressive force.

From the birth of the mascot "Fu Cow Lele"of the 13th Paralympic Games to the sports icons of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, continue to 2008 Beijing Paralympics' flame firing ceremony put across successfully, we together have traversed a long road, let us wish the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games make a wonderful success same as the Beijing Olympic Games.


Gread Gift Ideas for Men - Fashion Tips & Trends for Men in 2009

For Spring & Summer

* Color

Men's clothing for the spring & summer season has made its mark with the presence of color. There is a strong blue influence which replicates David Hockney paintings during his splash period in the 1960s, and the introduction of pink.

Men's fashion is having a pink moment in 2008, therefore, defining your masculinity has become more of a challenge this summer. This not-so-typical color sorts the men from the boys, as it takes guts and skill to wear; requiring men to make a modern color statement whilst still maintaining a masculine edge. This can be done by keeping cuts and fabrics very traditional and teaming it with neutral shades, such as white, beige, gray or black.

In addition to being "In the Pink", the fashion industry is also feeling blue this season. Not the dark navy kind, but the azure blue of David Hockney's Splash, pool paintings. From Louis Vuitton’s head-to-toe azure Moon Beach collection, on the spring runways to Hockney-inspired Missoni shirts, Hockneyed-Splash sweatshirts, to azure-colored cargo pants and suits. Feeling blue has never been so on-trend.

* Style

In this season, men to wear a dress shirt with a tie for business is suitable for almost all circumstances. In some offices, or outdoor work sites, short sleeves may be appropriate. Look at the example set by your supervisor and respected colleagues. If these people wear short sleeves, then it may be okay in that situation...

When dressing to impress, do not follow the standard of the office non-conformist. Sleeves can always be rolled up if necessary.

Collars come in different styles, usually a normal pointed collar and a spread collar. Spread collars are newer and show a contemporary fashion. The spread accents the tie, and therefore look better with a wider tie. Some shirts have different color collars than the shirt which appears bolder.
Men's Hoodies make a welcome return as they have been reinvented to form an integral part of your wardrobe rather than a casual cover-up. With some innovative styling this season, hoodies have evolved to become a substitute for a blazer or cardigan, matching your ensemble and being classy enough to take you from beach to bar. Hoodies have become sophisticated enough to be street-savvy garments, layer them over a tee or shirt, or be more adventurous and go for a Juicy Couture hooded leather jacket or an OntFront Sidewalk Tailoring hooded blazer.

On the subject of swimming pools, another look du jour is the combination of trunks as shorts. Wear them as both; saving you that fashion dilemma of having to wear shorts over trunks. Offerings come from labels such as Thom Browne, ADAM, Opening Ceremony, and Shipley & Halmos who have pairs that can be easily teamed with a more formal shirt or blazer.

This is also the season of the lightweight-knit, be it revamped hoody or button-up cardigan. Men also have one less choice to make when it comes to swimming, by throwing on a pair of combi shorts and trunks.

* Men’s Fashion Accessories

Underwears - In the 13th century underwear became an important piece of apparel, and like most fashions, the thong and g-string reappeared in the 1970s on the beaches of Brazil. Unlike the Khoisans of 75,000 years ago, today’s male consumers enjoy a vast array of styles, fabrics and colours to choose from. The evolution of underwear has shaped how we feel and how we look today.

Aside from the above, sitting poolside requires some additional accessories. Nautical caps and deck shoes are right on-trend, so are blue and white manbags. Accessorize your outfit with some fashion-forward, round-saucer shades — David Hockney-inspired eyewear or John Lennon frames.

* Special Fashion Tips for Men who has a Big Stomach

- Go for light fabrics and dark colors if you want to slimline your torso.

- Use a belt to nip in your waistline. As long as your stomach does not hang over, contrary to what you might think, this will make you appear slimmer.

- For an instant slimming effect, go monochromatic. Wear a dark color shirt/top and pants with a different color blazer or jacket over the top.

- Horizontal stripes are your enemy rather than your friend. Vertical stripes (although not too wide) will elongate your body, but diagonal ones will also draw attention to your torso, having a widening effect. Pinstripe shirts can be slimming, especially when teamed with dark color pants.

- Large, busy prints in shirts and tees will only serve to accentuate your stomach. According to The Style Bible, look for a smaller (but not too small) print, which is spaced quite a way apart.

- Avoid bulky knits and go for something more slimming like a dark-colored cashmere sweater.

- Long-sleeve T-shirts and shirts will make your body look more proportioned than sleeveless or short-sleeves, which will draw attention to your middle.

For Fall & Winter

Fall is one of the most exciting seasons for men's fashion in that it presents a great deal of variety - the cooling weather and tendency towards warmer and more classic colours can present a challenge that we'll have to examine in order to find a wardrobe that fits the change of seasons.

* Color

Traditionally, an eye for colour will benefit any gentleman concerned with style. In Fall 2009, look for browns, blues, and especially shades of orange – orange having made a surprise comeback in recent years that shows no sign of stopping in the near future. When matching colours, remember that most blues, especially lighter to medium hues such as baby blue or french blue, pair extremely well with brown tones – strange but true!

A brown leather jacket would be a premium recommendation in that brown brings a distinct note of style into your overall look and seperates you from the legions of men who simply always opt for the severe looking, and much more common, black jacket. A chocolate brown leather simply ages more gracefully than its darker cousin, and adds a vintage flair.

* Style

From sharp-suited silks, to pants following a Balinese, Malaysian and Inidian style, the next year's collection will be filled with unstructured jackets, loose drawstring and cropped dhoti-style pants.
Men's wear should feeling casual and relaxed for next season, there is still the air of opulence associated with the label. Jackets in ivory crocodile and chenille cardigans for the torso, sleek silk trousers, and jackets set off with silk handkerchiefs, all are distinctly deluxe in look.

Brown also co-ordinates much better with most jeans, sweaters, and shirts that will be presented to you in the cooler seasons. and a french blue dress or sport shirt is not only a staple piece of any wardrobe of merit, but will serve you in wonderful stead in a variety of social occasions ranging from a casual date at the local watering hole, a stroll in the park (when coupled with jeans and the aforementioned leather coat), or a high-pressure job interview.

As leather jackets are a forever classical style, so in 2009, leather will still act as one of the most popular fabrics in the fashion industry. A soft, supple material that conforms to the curve’s of a person’s body, leather has a natural sex appeal that is unmatched by any other fabric. Leather is a favorite among the fashion industry, models and musicians.

Given the durability factors, along with the classic, stylish look of leather and the comparative low cost of either, no wonder this item has not only survived as a fashion statement through out history but has also remained a practical choice with universal appeal. So men to choose a motorcycle or bomber jacket can get a feeling that you are never go out of style.

* Accessories

As for accessories, one piece of clothing that immediately springs to mind would be a scarf, worn rather rakishly in the earlier months of fall or perhaps more pragmatically during the bitter cold of a northern winter! Scarves can add a level of distinction and personality to a wardrobe that is often afforded to the wearer via a necktie – it is a centerpiece of the outerwear collection and is something that immediately catches the eye of the passerby.

A wool or cotton scarf is recommended, as silk tends to look rather foppish or effete when worn by most men – and as for colour, the primary suggestion is to either find a tone in the scarf that would tie in nicely with your most commonly worn coat, or simply a scarf that catches your eye and that you rather like. Remember, when it comes to accessories such as scarves and neckties, they are showcases for your sense of style and personality – choose accordingly! Scarves are draped around the waist as belts, or slung casually over the shoulders. Shoes also followed a distinctly Asian style with lace-ups, woven hopsack, snakeskin, and crocodile.

* Great Costume Ideas for Guys on Halloween or a Christmas Carnival

At last ,as the Halloween and Christmas season is coming soon, if you want to get noticed at a fancy dress party, I'd like to give men some special ideas about costumes for men.

Ghostbuster Costume

A great costume idea for a group of guys who can argue over which one of them gets to be Ray, Peter, Winston or Egon. Grey boiler suits are the starting point. High-end costumers will have proton packs for hire, but an improvised version using backpacks/old drinks bottles and a super soaker can be effective. A new Ghostbusters video game is about to be released, so purchasing Ghostbuster accessories should become easier.

Celebrity Lookalike Costume

For the partygoer who bears more than a striking resemblance to a celebrity ,the lookalike costume is a good choice and will be sure to generate discussion. If the partygoer does not look like anyone famous then they can try some of the more visually recognisable celebs for example.

Superhero Costume

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No It’s someone dressed as a superhero on the dance floor. Superhero costumes are easy to find, cheap to hire and always guaranteed to raise a smile. Popular superhero costumes are.

Astronaut Costume

If the partygoer has the money, then the space suit is quite simply the most show-stopping of all the costumes. Generally this costume requires a large rental fee and on top of that a substantial deposit.

Cowboy Costume

Another costume that is very popular with women is the cowboy outfit. It’s quite common, so the wearer should add some unique touches to the costume such as a sheriff’s badge or a wacky colour scheme. The cowboy costume will be available from most fancy dress suppliers.

Sailor Uniform Costume

With its bright white colour, this costume is great for parties that may be using UV lighting. The wearer will stand out from the crowd and will be seen from the other side of the room with ease. Due to its apperances in An Officer and a Gentleman and Top Gun , this costume seems to be very popular with women.

Chippendale Costume

This costume is not suitable for outdoor events that are prone to poor weather. The Chippendale outfit requires only a bow tie, some black trousers and a lot of confidence. The more adventurous partygoer should carry baby oil with them for chest oiling opportunities.


Fine Jade Jewelry, A Wonderful Work in the Art Garden

Jade, known as the "king of emerald" with its fresh & beautiful appearance and transparent texture. Featured with its gentle, crystal, modest and fine characters, people often use jade as a symbol of happy, reunion, harmony and beauty.

When you wear a blessing jewelry, as long as you cherishes the true, the good and the beautiful things, the jewels adhered to your skin will understand your the sincerity and truth, I believe that good fortune, good health, happiness, welfare will always be around you. Emerald is one kind of jades, compared with brilliant and flashing diamonds, Chinese people has given more enthusiasms on the fine, sleek and colorful emeralds.

The name of "Jade" has a very interesting origin: In general, stones in color of wine, maroon, ochre are called "emerald", while in color of pea green and deep-green called "jade". However, there has an another parlance: Legend has it that Fei is a birdie with red plumes, green jade is birdie with green feathers, so the merger of the two words refers specifically to a kind birdie who has cyan and brown feathers. As be assimilated as lovely and cute birdies, the beauty of jade is beyond of common speaking.

Not noly admired as its amorous but smooth color, bright but crystal luster, jade also been endowed with gracious noble characters. As an ancient saying goes: "The gentleman in the Derby-yu." If you wearing a crystal green but has a solid inherence jade jewelry, your gentlemanly style will open out naturally.

Perhaps that is why people are inclined to carve and chisel their favorited jades aborativelly, so as to present its delicate mettle and florid brilliance. In this way, One by one pieces of jade art were born.

As a wondenful work of Arts Academy, she emits limpid snd fleckless flavor, she display you a world detached from our daily life, and make all restless hearts regained quietness. Her pure, transparent and smart characters make people enjoyful, Furthermore, the auspicious patterns carved in her body indicate the luck and happiness yet!


Industry News & Information about China's Gifts & Crafts Export in 2008

China's Craft Gifts Exports Amount in the the First Three Months of 2008 Down by 7 Percent over the Previous Corresponding Year

China's US$4-billion craft gifts industry is experiencing a slowdown in export growth rates, as suppliers deal with high rawmaterial and increasing labor costs. Cuts in export tax rebates and the rising value of the yuan are also adding to the pressure.

Confronted by these challenges, export sales and volume in 2008 are foreseen to dip or at least remain at current levels. During thefirst three months of 2008, overseas revenue amounted to US$807 million, down by 7 percent over the previous corresponding year. Involume terms, shipments in the same period went up by a mere 0.8 percent.

China suppliers offer an extensive array of craft gifts in different materials, with designs made of porcelain and ceramic, polyresin, metal, glass and crystal, and wood constituting the bulk of exports.

Many suppliers of China are optimistic about sales growth, particularly for metal, and glass and crystal crafts. These product categories are enjoying higher demand than others, partly because they have a stronger contemporary appeal and are deemed more environment-friendly. Despite rising production costs, many suppliers are optimistic about sales growth, particularly for metal, and glass and crystalcrafts. These product categories are enjoying higher demand than others, partly because they have a stronger contemporary appeal andare deemed more environment-friendly.

Main Gifts & Crafts Products in The Current Market :

While handpainting remains a unique selling point for China-made crafts & gifts, more companies are investing in high-tech equipment,including laser-engraving machines for glass and crystal designs.

With the intensifying preference for "green" products worldwide, environment-friendly designs will be the key trend for China-madecraft gifts in coming months. Plant-based dyes and certified materials with low lead content will be used in greater numbers.

In line with expanding design ranges, most manufacturers will boost their capacity by 20 to 50 percent in the next 12 months.

Market Key Trends of Gifts & Crafts Products :
In detail, the following are some of the key trends we see in China's crafts & gift industry:

- Decorative craft gifts such as tabletop figurines, miniature replicas, decors and wall hangings made of ceramic and porcelain, metal, polyresin, glass and crystal, and wood. Functional products such as photo frames, clocks and candle holdersare excluded.

- The rising cost of tin, wood and clay is likely to carry on through the rest of 2008, forcing the majority of makers to increaseprices. Most companies doing so will cap markups at 5 percent to stay competitive.

- With the intensifying preference for "green" products worldwide, environment-friendly designs will be the key trend for craft gifts incoming months. Plant-based dyes and certified materials with low lead content will be used in greater numbers.

- Designs constructed from combination materials such as wood and metal for tabletop figurines will also be popular in coming months.This technique not only raises the models' aesthetic appeal but also reduces the product cost.

- In line with expanding design ranges, most manufacturers will boost their capacity by 20 to 50 percent in the next 12 months, mainlyvia adding more machines and expanding production workshops.

- Craft gifts made of ceramic and porcelain, metal, polyresin, glass and crystal, and wood. The product scope islimited mainly to decorative models such as tabletop figurines, miniature replicas, decors and wall hangings. It does not includefunctional designs such as photo frames, clocks and candle holders.

Gifts & Crafts Market Opportunities

The line between general gifts and decorative accessories is slowly disappearing, with home furnishings still the dominant category. The home furnishings segment (includes candles, picture frames, tabletop accessories and vases) was valued at US$17 billion.

The most important emerging trend in the general giftware sector is the move away from gifts purchased for another person, to purchases increasingly being for the individuals themselves. Important product segments for self-purchases include: home furnishings, aromatherapy products, art candles, Christmas decorations, lamps, linens/throws and plush toys.

Seemingly unlimited access and exposure to new products, materials and resource markets has made US consumers impatient. As a result, Australian suppliers need to have a steady supply of new designs, concepts and/or products available for their distributors and buyers.

American consumers are increasingly using the Internet for purchases. More importantly, consumers are using it as part of their process for learning about and identifying products for purchases made in retail environments. The existence and accessibility of the Internet to consumers becomes a source of legitimacy for the manufacturer. It also becomes an opportunity to communicate information to receptive consumers. The website should be user friendly, providing easy navigation to product information.

Jewellery in particular has sold well over the Internet. Online sellers are often able to sell at lower prices due to fewer middlemen, lower overheads and a 24-hour store front. A search for the keyword 'jewellery' on eBay reveals close to 40,000 items.

US gift convention organisers are the most experienced intermediaries between buyers and wholesalers, and several have launched B2B websites (ie. Americas Mart and Dallas Market Center) designed to capitalise on their existing relationships and expertise.

While most B2B gift industry sites market product on behalf of suppliers, the web is also producing a cyber version of the wholesale distributor — a company in the China that will take ownership of the product and resell it to the retailers.


The Most Popular Gifts Featured with Olympic Colors in This Season

For the last few weeks, we’ve been highlighting great Olympic souvenires where proceeds go to support the athletes of the China Olympics Team.

While most of us can't jet off to Beijing for opening ceremonies today, you can get your own Olympics souvenir with various great gifts featured with Olympic Games Colors, such as the official mascot plush toys, Olympic pins, a metal replica Olympic torch, a Athens design paperweight or stress-balls, and so on.

So, let's see which gift idea in this Olympics season we favorite?

For Your Little Kids

- Beijing Olympics Mascots (2008 Summer Olympics Gifts)

Even if your kids don't know badminton from taekwondo, they can still appreciate the Olympic spirit in the form of these cuddly fuwa (that's Chinese for "good luck dolls"). These colorful critters represent some of China's most popular creatures. There's BeiBei the fish, JingJing the panda, YingYing the antelope, NiNi the swallow and HuanHuan the Olympic flame. Put their names together and you get "Welcome to Beijing." These pocket-sized collectibles are certainly a step up from mascots in the past, and are great way to educate little ones about the Olympic games and Chinese culture.

Fuwa, The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carry a message of peace and friendship to children all over the world. Representing the five colors of the Olympic Rings, Fuwa express the playful qualities of children and are characteristic of four of China's most popular animals -- the Fish, the Panda, the Tibetan Antelope, the Swallow -- and the Olympic Flame.

For Your Friends

- Beijing Olympic Pins (2008 Summer Olympics Gifts)

Olympics Pin Trading has been around since the first modern Olympics in 1896. The first “pins” were originally cardboard discs that were designed to identify athletes by their countries, officials, and the press. Some Olympians that year started to trade their own badges with others as gestures of goodwill, and a tradition was started. To the right, you see an image of a judge’s pin from the 1900 Olympics in Paris.

In the next few decades, more official pins were created to identify different groups, from the International Olympic Committee to members of the media. The pins started to become more stylized and resemble jewelry and eventually were produced for sale to spectators as well as participants. By the time of the 1924 Summer Games in Paris, the concept of the Olympic Village began, and so participants in the Olympics started to exchange their countries’ pins in earnest.

From 1933 to 1936, more than 1 million pins were sold to the public to help underwrite the games in Germany. To the right, you see the very rare pin from the 1936 Berlin Games. In 1940, even though the Olympics were cancelled during the war, pins were still produced.

In 1968’s games in Mexico City, the pin with a clitch to fasten the pin to clothing, which has become the norm today, was introduced. Pin collecting and pin trading took off in a big way in the Lake Placid Winter Games in 1980 and the Los Angeles Summer Games in 1984. Since then, it’s become an international event in itself.

Here are some pins from this year’s Olympics in Beijing, for sale from the official shop of the US Olympic Team. These all have the official Beijing 2008 logo. Unlike with other pin shops, you can be sure these proceeds will go directly to support our athletes. Just click on any pin, and you’ll be brought to the Olympic Store to buy it.

For Your Parents, Teachers or other Eldership Persons

- Beijing Olympic Torches (2008 Summer Olympics Gifts)

Couldn’t get near the real Olympic torch as it made its way round the world? Still keen to hijack the sacred flame for your own political ends?

Hey presto - stage your own Olympic protest with this splendid metal replica torch - only £221.19, including a small Perspex base.

NB Heavy-handed policemen and ex-sportsman torch-bearer not included.


- Beijing Olympic Paperweights and Stress-balls (2008 Summer Olympics Gifts)

Paperweights and stress-balls are so Athens 2004.

The must-have desk toy of 2008 is a 1:1200 replica of Bird’s Nest in gold-painted aluminum - a steal at just £153.55.

If that’s not enough to impress the drones who work under you, splash out a little extra on a foot-long glue glass replica of the Water Cube on a classy glass and metal plinth (£298.23).

Then, when you bag an inflation-busting bonus, blow a chunk of it on a Beijing 2008-branded replica Ming vase in hand-glazed porcelain.

If you can’t manage to claim the £3,799 back against tax, you need to get yourself a new accountant.

For Your Babies

- Cute Baby Olympic One-piece and Bib for the Future Olympian (2008 Summer Olympics Gifts)

Is there a little 0 to 6 month old in your life who already crawls at world record pace AND who already loves to hit, dive, jump, and dribble with the best of them?

Here’s the cutest little gift from the US Olympic Shop. It’s a little one-piece and bib for an infant with the Team USA Olympic Rings and the words “FUTURE OLYMPIAN” across the front in maroon on both pieces. Both are 100% cotton, and the bib has a velcro closure.

For Your Girlfriends

- 2008 Beijing china tea set (2008 Summer Olympics Gifts)

I believe that girls or women are sure to be impressed by a Beijing 2008 china tea set, decorated with illustrations of unisex tumbling gymnasts and straining pole-vaulters(about US50 ).

Then, for those big nights out the Cambridge Arts Theatre, what about a necklace of fake pearls with a Beijing 2008-logo clasp (about US30)?

The must-have look autumn/winter 2008? A poly-cotton lime-green tie with a discreet in-laid pattern of the Olympic rings. .

Considering of money saving, accessories it with a set of tinny Beijing-branded cufflinks in dull metallic grey – US$8 the pair.

For Your Boyfriend who like Football

- Want to also have an Olympic athletes T-shirt? (2008 Summer Olympics Gifts)

If you look at pictures of the Brazil or Argentina athletes in the Olympic Village, you’ll see them wearing these very stylish polo shirts, T-shirts …from Nike, of all companies.
The shirt has the official Olympics logo on the right chest, the Nike swoosh on the left, and the words ‘Beijing” on the left sleeve to commemorate the 2008 Games. It’s an extremely comfortable and light shirt, made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester (also known as NikeFIT DRY for its comfort and its ability to let your skin breathe).

At a reasonable price of $44.99, it’s certainly more affordable than the polo shirts with the horses. And of course, a portion of your proceeds goes to help the great USA Athletes who have been doing our country proud throughout these last 12 days.

For Yourself

- Have an Olympic Ball from China (2008 Summer Olympics Gifts)

These are three souvenir balls from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, specifically a souvenir basketball, souvenir soccer ball, and a souvenir volleyball.

They’re all regulation-sized, so you can use them for playing these three sports. But they also make great souvenirs from the Games, as they also come with the official 2008 Summer Olympics logo, the words “Beijing 2008″, and the Olympic Rings on them, as well as the official mascots BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YingYing, and NiNi. You can read all about the meaning of the logo and the story behind the mascots here.

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Glass Speaking - Art Design Glass Vase

Aerwaa Alto's Glass Vase

1936, Aerwaa Alto designed a vase as one of the decorations for the Helsinki cabbage restaurant (Ravintola Savoy), for which he just responsible for interior decoration. This striking vase received its name after a new luxury restaurant in Helsinki, called Savoy and opened in 1937, for which Alvar Aalto together with his wife Aino designed custom furnishings and fixtures. 

The restaurant was situated at the top floor of the new Industrial Palace building, and was complete with a liveried Negro porter, and a dining terrace overlooking a park. The vases were placed on every table and their baylike forms allowed flowers to be arranged in unusual, more individual ways. 

With their protean identities - showing different faces at different angles - the vases belonged to the most remarkable features of the restaurant. The other element directly related to these forms was a kidney-shaped table on an undulating base, located in the middle of the restaurant and serving as its focal point and centerpiece.

The vase is a classic glass products which was named with Aerwaa Alto , It not only in 1937 Paris International Expo demonstrates the Finnish modern design standards, but also become the world's large collection of the Museum of goods, in 1988 the vase received the International Award table supplies. The design idea come from it's free and organic contours of the wave, completely broke the traditional symmetrical glass design standards. 

People guess that it's wave outline is a symbol of Finland, the length and breadth of the lake. Aside from it's great construction design, the genius also leave a classic masterpiece for the glassware manufacturing.

From the age of speaking Alto vase is "antique", but the design perspective, he is still very advanced, very modern.

Britt Bonnesen's "Swing" Glass Vase

It's Danish designer Britt Bonnesen job, hand-blown by mouth produced, each item is a unique glass art, beyond the era of the classic. In addition to the design concept of the designer, the "swing style” glass handblowner influenced it absolutedly, this series of mouth blown glassware combined simplicity and respect of traditional arts and crafts but strongly featured with an innovative creative thinking, so people all enthusing about these graceful vases with created individuality also full of flavor.

Utzon Vase - Smoke Green Glass Vase

After the successful launching of her sandblasting vases in Rosendahl, Lin Utzon once again launched her new work: Han Yancui series. 2001, when Lin Utzon traved in the Arctic by boat, she found the contacting area of the Dayton’s iceberg with the sea actually in a indention shape, this nature’s masterpiece astonished her much, which hurried her back to her studio in Spanish, and launched a white series of sandblasting vases - Utzon Vase. At the time, that caused a considerable number of topics and disputes in Copenhagen street, Lin's name also become highly attentioned around the world.

Lin loves Chinese culture, she’s design of vase seems to be impacted by the Chinese tripod, and she later launched a series of small transparent vases, which warmly welcomed by the office man and restaurants, and caught a lot of orders.

All these success are not able to satisfy her, this time she used a double-tier technology, which allows black vases appears white color, she named it as “smoke”, creating the impression of “emerald green smoke”, which showing a kind of dignity temperament as prudent and calm, decorated with the exquisite packing of handled gift boxes, these vases will become hot in the marker soon.

Tall Art Glass Vase - Gold Skyscraper

Gravity leaves a golden yellow mark inside a crystalline vacuum, resulting in a glass sculpture of mesmerizing elegance. Alonso, Michael and Orfeo design this art glass vase to create the illusion of light suspended in time. The talented team incorporates traditional Mexican hand blown techniques that give Orfeo a free reign to his imagination.

Heikki Orvola’s Etremene Design Glass Art

Extremeness, not everyone can accept, because the undulation of ups and downs from time to time make people can not suitable well and beyond to appreciate, but extremeness can also show a beauty of a coordination, do not believe that ? At least Heikki Orvola has done it! The series of “cold well and hot flame” candle holder designed by Heikki Orvola, applied the concept of two pole of female and male, designed the Candlestick as a deep well while the candlewick as a hot flame, which mixed these two totally different concepts together, showing us an absolutely new feeling with a little excitent, quite suitable for creative staff to display their strong, unique and ego insights, it can also become a source of inspiration.

Heikki Orvola use Iittala’s exclusive lead-free crystal glass (I-Crystal) of high-quality, it’s transparent and crystal, hard and anti-broken. We usually suggest you use it to put small flameless candles, but as this candle holder is designed in a shape of a smack cup, so you can use it as a decoration holder or a coin holder, even you can use is to replace your drinking glass or wine glass, I think that nobody will doubt about your vision or motivation.

Thanks for viewing.


Come on Liuxiang! Our Olypimc Hero Forever!

Liuxiang:Love to compete; Love to bet all my dignity; Love to rewin it; Love to pay all of mine; Love the glory; Love frustrations; Love sports, even if he hurt your heart.

Liuxiang, You are the No.1!

When I had lunch yesterday,I heard that the man’s 110-meter hurdling was started, I hurried to the office to see the direct seeding. While I saw the sence that Liuxiang retreated from the compete,I was so upset then. And I can not watch the game any more,but I was afraid of his wound. I never think of the complot,and I can’t believe it is a complot. After the compete, Liuxiang showed that he himself is very upset too,I won't retreat unless I have to.

Later,some one attacked the retreating of him,and my boss is disappointed too,for he bought the stock of Liuxiang,he just complain,and said nothing about Liuxiang, I hear about that some bosses loss almost 100,000 on the stock. I think it needful for some one who had lost a lot of money on stock to complain,just like my boss.while if he calumniate our star--- Liuxiang, and I think they should not do that. I am so upset to hear the bad words on Liuxiang.

For an athlete,it is common that he(she) did not get the gold medal. And there is winning and loss in the field. We only feel regret for the Liuxiang retreating from the compete,we should not give hime more pressure. He prepared for this Olympics for years,and paid much sweat and blood. As the saying goes:one minute on the stage and ten years of practice off the stage. This accident, the most hurted person is Liuxiang . the Olympics held once every four years,what’s more,it is held by China.and it is rare,who wants to retreat?to say the least,if Liuxiang did not get the first prize and break the world’s record, did some people treat him like that?

Someone said that: he must insist,even climb to the end. How to climb?? What high the hurdle,and just with the lame legs,if he ought to get into the bottom of the hurdle?? Is “getting though the god’s hole” the Olympic Spirit?? It is the prejudice of some persons, they think he must have moral integrity,and get to the end,even he losses. But even if he get the first eight,then what happens? Maybe his wound be more secorious,and be a cripple forever,do u want to see the cripple Liuxiang? Ur choice is right,u just retreat now,but u will get soon,and prepare for the next Olympics,come on, Liuxiang,u r the no.1,and I will support u forever.…We can not gainsay the courage and the unremitting spirit of him. But maybe he don’t need healthy legs,he just did not let his motherland be galling. I am sure u don’t want to see a Liuxiang like him.

Liuxiang, "It's about picking yourself up when you're down and coming back stronger", wish you get well soon, and go back to ur field.

Come on Liuxiang!


The Art of Flower Vase

The Art of Flower Vase

As spring come and flowers blossom, the green world return, just choose a elegant flower vase with a bundle of beautiful flower to decorate your house, and bring your home a spring nature and fresh air.

Even if it does not decorated with flower arranging, in itself is a work of art, which display it’s delicate elegance and charm.

The vase's design fully reflects it’s use as a vase, because it’s just in an inverted shape of a flower. Not only maintain the balance with it’s flower shape design but also reflected the theme greatly.

"Green" is a timeless topic, but also a regular topic of conversation that should be promoted.

We want to display you a color feast.

Very strange and fancy design flower vases, there are three heights for you to choose.

Japan’s Teori design bamboo art vase, simple but keep grand.

The gadget with four “horns” come from its head is acutually a flower vase, you can arrange flowers in its different holes, so that make the flowers blossom in four directions, is that very interesting?

Last, maybe now you have a bold idea that to paint a clear flower vase for your home decoration. Why not? A painted flower vase can be a beautiful addition to your home. It also makes a great gift, and I'd like to give you some instructions below:

Painting on glass can be tricky, though. Paint can very easily come off of the glass if the vase is not prepared and finished properly. Here is how to do it with the best results.

Things You’ll Need:
Craft paint made for painting on glass
Paint brushes
Rubbing alcohol
A clean cloth
Clear shellac

Prepare Your Vase

Step 1: Clean the vase and remove all of the oils from it by rubbing it with rubbing alcohol. Oils will make the paint peel off.
Step 2:Allow the vase to dry.
Step 3: Prepare your paint by following the directions on the bottle. Usually, you don't want to add water to to the paint because it will make the paint less adherent to the glass.
Step 4: Paint your design onto the glass. Simple designs are best.
Step 5: Add one or two coats of clear shellac after the paints dries.
Step 6: Allow the shellac to dry and you're done!

How to Make Dried Flowers Yourself?

Want to make your garden’s summer flowers last all year? Ok, the easiest way to bring your garden flowers indoor and dry them.

First: Harvesting Flowers

It is best to cut your flowers in the morning hours after the dew has evaporated from the plants. Once cut, group stems into bunches using rubber bands (pure rubber rubber bands work best) and remove them from the sunlight as soon as possible.There are definite developmental times which are best for cutting flowers for drying. This can be very specific for different plants or even different cultivators of the same plant. In general, it is best to pick immature flowers (ones that are not completely open) since flowers continue to open during the drying process. If you pick a flower at the time that it looks perfect, it will continue to open while drying, leaving you with a flower past that ‘perfect stage’. Most people pick flowers too late. For example, have you ever seen a pretty dried rose? If you really look at it, the flower is still fairly closed. Avoid harvesting flowers too mature in development. Such flowers will generally shed upon drying and will not hold up well in arrangements.We offer specific picking and growing recommendations for each flower we grow. Just click on any dried flower name on any of our lists to obtain a wealth of specific information including pictures!

Second: Preserving Flowers

With only a few exceptions, we air dry all our flowers. We simple hang flower bunches upside down on wire (over two miles of it is stretched in our circa 1860 barns). The barns offer ideal conditions: 1) darkness; 2) very good airflow; 3) cool updrafts; 4) perfect (usually) humidity levels. Once you have cut your flowers, it is important to remove them from the sunlight as soon as possible. This, along with drying in the dark, is the most important factor in maintaining good color.

1)How to Hang Flower Bunches

Suspend a 1/2-inch-diameter horizontal pole or pipe from the ceiling. If fastening hooks into your ceiling or walls is not an option, use tripods or two high-backed chairs to support the pole. A bent paper clip makes a perfect hanger for your bunches. Put newspaper or a drop cloth on the floor under the hanging bunches to catch fallen leaves, seeds, and petals. Hang bunches far enough apart to allow good air circulation.

2)How Long to Hang Flowers to Dry
The drying process takes from 10 to 20 days, depending on the plant. When dried, the stems should snap. You must test the flowers for dryness. Dissect one or two, and make sure the flowers'' insides are thoroughly dry.

Some flowers, such as delphiniums, keep their color better if dried quickly near sources of warm air such as a heater. Large, many-flowered blooms such as dill, fluffy grasses, and Queen Anne''s lace, should be dried upright, not hanging upside down.

3) How to Dry Flowers with Silica?

Silica-gel drying is done in shallow, airtight, plastic (or glass) containers or trays. I dry many flowers at once using a 10- by 18-inch airtight plastic container. Yours need not be that big, but make sure that the flowers aren't crowded. Spread the flowers out, face up, on a 1-inch (minimum depth) bed of crystals. Carefully spoon or sprinkle more silica on top until you've completely covered the flowers with at least another inch of crystals. Drying flowers with single-petal structures, such as daisies, facedown is another technique, but my results have been identical using both approaches. To dry flowers facedown, create a small mound for the flower head, place the flower head facedown on it, and add silica over the flower until it is covered. Flowers can be almost touching, and because similar kinds of flowers dry at the same rate, you may wish to group similar blooms in the same container. Seal the container, and don't disturb it for three to four days.

Remove delicate blossoms very carefully. Shake or brush off the crystals lightly with a soft artist's paintbrush. Leaving flowers in desiccant too long makes them very fragile, so remove flowers right away once you've determined that they're dry enough.

4) How to Use Sand to Dry your Flowers?

Sand must be very fine, clean, dry, and preferably salt free. Sifting is recommended to remove coarse grains and foreign particles. Rinsing the sand in water several times to remove any soil is also recommended. Damp sand can be dried in an oven by placing in shallow pans and baking at 250 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. Be sure to use only flowers in their prime and process them quickly to prevent wilting.

To dry with sand, place an inch or two of sand in a container; scoop away a small amount of sand to form a depression on the surface; place the flower head upright in this depression and press the sand in and around the outside of the flower to support it. Next, scoop a little sand into your hand and allow it to trickle in a fine stream around each petal. Start with the outer petals and work inward row by row, allowing the sand to build up equally on all sides of each petal so its position and shape are not altered. Flowers dried with sand are fragile so be very careful when removing them from the sand. Notice that flowers must be stored in a strong carton to protect the petals from breaking.

5) Using a Microwave Oven to Dry Flowers

The latest and fastest method to dry flowers is to use a combination of silica gel and a microwave oven.

With the use of a microwave, you can now dry your flowers very quickly. Flowers should be gathered at their peak or else they will turn brown. Use any of the drying agents (silica gel, sand, borax) in a container deep enough to cover the bloom. Leave a 1/2 inch stem on the flower, and place it face up on a 1/2 inch layer of drying agent. Carefully sprinkle enough agent to cover the flower, and place it in the microwave along with a small bowl of water. Do not remove the flowers from the agent immediately, but set them aside for several hours. Listed below are some times for drying flowers in a microwave.

By using air drying and other methods also, many flowers can be preserved for year-round enjoyment. Plan now to include some flowers in your garden for drying, and check nearby fields and road sides throughout the summer and fall for more dried plant materials.

Third: Care of Dried Flowers

Routine dusting can be accomplished using a real feather duster or hair blow dryer on it’s lowest setting.

Last: Storing and Enjoying Dried Flowers

We recommend wrapping the flowers in newspaper and placing them in a cardboard box. Do not store the box containing the dried flowers where it is unusually damp (some basements) or very dry (some attics). Also, a lot of people think you should never store dried flowers outside (it would be way to cold). This is simply not true. Temperatures are not important. In fact, a garage can be an ideal place for storing dried flowers. Actually, if your home is heated by forced air, the preferred place to store dried flowers would be in a outside building away from the dry heat.

In general, dried flowers should remain out of direct sunlight while you enjoy them in their final state. This will minimize fading over time. We also suggest not to place dried flowers in the path of forced air heat registers. This extremely dry air is very hard on dried flower structure (causes shattering). Suggestion for use of dried flowers would include wreaths, swags, sheaths, bouquets, and sprays. Simply hanging dried flowers in a room can be very appealing. Also, placing clusters of bunches in a basket, as though you just came in from a garden, is most attractive.

Caution: if you do store your dried flowers outside, make sure you protect them from small rodents and insects (a few mothballs will work).

Finally, I should to say that drying flowers can be addictive! Before long, wreaths will adorn all your doors, and swags will hang from every wall. And they'll all have come from your own garden. Talk about an extended season! You'll soon see why dried flowers are often called "everlastings”.


Did You Wash Your Hands with Hand Soap Today?

"Hand washing today is about more than just cleanliness. People want to prevent the spread of germs," points out Hadrian Miguel, licensed
esthetician at DHC USA's headquarters in San Francisco, California. "DHC Hand Soap meets this challenge and then some. Its instant lather washes
away dirt and reduces bacteria to sanitize hands. And thanks to conditioning collagen, sorbitol, and glycerin, it won't strip or dry out skin."

Let's talk soap.

1.Why not just stick with store-bought body wash?

Many people like using body washes for the moisturizing properties and special fragrances that they offer, but handcrafted soaps (both liquid and solid bars) offer the same options plus more.

It's pure luxury when you can bathe with a creamy, thick, beautifully scented lather from a soap that's been handcrafted especially for (or by) you.

Also, many people today are concerned about the ingredients. If you make them, you can choose what goes into the formulations, including the addition of beneficial botanicals, exotic oils and butters.

What is a common mistake with soap making?

When making either soap or candles, safety must come first. You need to know your ingredients, how they will interact with each other and with you. We need to learn all we can about our ingredients and the procedures before starting our first project.

2. What are the Latest Trends?

Right now the focus is on going back to basics. Go green. Go as natural as you can. Sure we like to use color and fragrances, but many are now using as many natural ingredients as possible.

3. How to Use Liquid Hand Soap Most Economically

Most liquid hand soap manufacturers are counting on the fact that you will use them in the same way that you would use a bar of soap - that you will wet your hands first thing and then squirt on the soap. This usually results in a large portion of the soap going down the drain without effect. Here is a better way.

First Step: Turn on the tap, but don't wet your hands.
Second: Squirt the soap onto your dry hands and rub your hands together, rather like you were using hand creme. Focus on the finger tips to get rid of dirt underneath it.
Finally, when the soap is evenly distributed over your entire hand, put your hands under the water and wash up.

You will find that this method both cleans your hands better, plus saves on the cost of soap. Place a rubber O ring halfway down the pump mechinism (below the spout, above the screw cap). The pumps are designed to deliver excess soap, the O ring will make the pump stop sooner, but you still have a sufficient quantity for proper cleaning.

4. One of the best soap products - Organic Foaming Hand Soap

Organic Foaming Hand Soap is ideal for washing hands but can also be used to clean dishes in a pinch and in many other applications. It is great for cleaning up after pets leave their mark on carpets and also great on camping trips and on boats. It cleans people and everything else in sight effectively with minimal water use.

The soap is made from renewable vegetable and botanical sources including organic saponified coconut and Castile olive oil, pure essential oils, aloe and rosemary extract. Offered in Lemongrass Zen and Lavender Ecstasy, it has a pleasant scent, a remarkably soft vegetable oil soap feel and is extraordinarily mild and hypoallergenic. It is completely natural and is free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, and animal by-products and is not tested on animals.

“The soap contains only pure essential oils that provide aromatherapy benefits for the mind and kill germs on the skin", says Vermont Soap founder and President Larry Plesent. As an organic castile liquid soap based product, the organic foaming hand soap is guaranteed to be free of the synthetic ingredients found in mass-marketed foamers,” adds Plesent

5. Contact Lens Hand Soap
Contact lens hand soap is a necessity if you wear contact lenses, when you have get the soap, you should get some idea anout how to properly use the soap.

It is very important that you wash your hands properly with the contact lens hand soap. Serious eye infections can occur when you take your contacts out and put them in if you do not have really clean hands.

The best contact lens hand soap to use is liquid soap. Apply the liquid contact lens hand soap while your hands are dry. Spread the soap on your hands and rub it in well. Be sure to get the contact lens hand soap under your fingernails too. There are all kinds of germs that live under your fingernails and the contact lens hand soap will help kill those germs.

Rinse your hands with running water and do a very thorough job. Dry your hands on clean paper towels or unperfumed, plain tissues. You can use a lint-free towel you have washed yourself but do not share a towel with anyone else. This will negate the effect of the contact lens hand soap.

If you follow these procedures your experience with contact lens hand soap will be safe and sanitary.

Now, you have get some useful methods and good ideas about how to use hand soap, the next step is to buy a hand soap you favorite, I'd like to suggest you to check online for some good deals, lots of sites offer great prices for hand soaps.


A Great Gift Idea - Novety Tissue Box

Do you want to get a unique, funny or gorgeous tissue box to decorate you house? I'd like to introduce some novelty items emerging in the market recently.

Talking Tissue Box.

Each time you reach for a tissue, it imitates your illness with one of five sneezing and coughing sounds. If laughter really is the best medicine, this hilarious tissue box will have you feeling better in no time. Motion activated. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Plastic, 6 x 6 x 6 1/4".

Elite Home Fashions Tiki Tissue Box

Made of sturdy and beautiful bamboo, these pieces add a note of rich texture to the bath. Rustic black with a natural combination finish. Is it cute enough to catch your eyes?

Brushed-Chrome Tissue Box Cover
• Made of sturdy brushed chrome
• Sleek, compact design
• Brushed-Chrome Collection adds a stylish accent to any bathroom

This item is suitable for a rigid style man. Are you agree with me?

Du Barry Tissue Box

Who wouldn't want to stare at a gorgeous tissue box when blowing their nose? The Du Barry Tissue Box by Elite Home Fashions will be eye candy when you get that seasonal cold. With its antique gold color and polyresin pieces, it will be sure to accent your bathroom wonderfully. This bathroom accessory will make you feel like a prince or princess in your own bathroom!

"By The Sea" Tissue Boutique

Freshen up with the seaside style of this tissue boutique. Sea shells grace this ceramic bath accessory that brings all the serenity of the ocean into your bathroom.

Make a Christmas Angel Tissue Box Craft for Your Kids

During Christmas it is fun to decorate and get your home ready for the holidays. Making the Christmas angel tissue box is an inexpensive craft to do with kids and family members. The Christmas angel tissue box makes an excellent gift to give from kids to relatives, friends and even teachers. The entire project normally takes less than half an hour to put together. It is a fun activity for when it's cold outside or raining and you need something to fill the time.

Another fun thing about the Christmas angel tissue box is that can be saved and store for each Christmas. This means that each year you can bring out the Christmas angel tissue box that your child made and decorate your home. What a wonderful way to remember when they were young and to have something that they made as a kid when they move out on their own.

Teachers can have children bring in the supplies for the Christmas angel tissue box and make this craft in class. It is a terrific way for kids to have something to make to give to relatives and parents during the holidays. I would personally recommend this craft for middle school and up for an art activity in the classroom. You can even set the Christmas angel tissue boxes in the window sill to decorate the classroom.

Items Needed to Make Christmas Angel Tissue Box:

Unused square shaped box of tissues; Box of aluminum foil; One unused coffee filter; Metallic Trim; Blue, Green, Yellow or Red Golf Tee; One big red sequin; All purpose white glue; Small pieces of yarn to use for the hair; All purpose scissors; Roll of Masking Tape; All purpose Markers; Two holly leaf shaped sequins; Several pieces of construction paper in skin tone of your preference; One - 12 inch pipe cleaner that matches the construction paper

How to Make Christmas Angel Tissue Box Craft

Last, as DIY crafts are so popular today, so you can also make a tissue box yourself and it will be a wonderful Christmas gift for your kids. Ok?, Let's start up now!

The first step to create your Christmas angel tissue box is to tear off a large piece of the aluminum foil. You ideally want to create a wing out of the foil that is approximately seven inches tall and around five inches wide. You fold the aluminum foil in half to form a rectangle. Next, you pinch the foil in the center to create the wing look. Spread the foil out so that it looks like two wings attached to one another. On the back of the wings you just created, put a small piece of masking tape in the center.

Next you will attach the wings of the Christmas angel tissue box to the actual unused tissue box. Lay the box on the side with the opening for the tissues facing you. Put a small strip of masking tape over the top of the tissue box right above the opening. Glue the wings you made in the previous step to the actual tissue box on top of the masking tape.

Now that you have the wings attached to the Christmas angel tissue box it is time to create the angel sleeves. Next, using the all purpose scissors cut the coffee filter in half. Take each half of the coffee filter and fold it into thirds. Tape the sleeves closed. Take each coffee filter sleeve and slide it onto an end of the pipe cleaner, leaving some pipe cleaner showing for the hands of the Christmas angel tissue box. Glue the sleeves with the all purpose white glue onto the wing area of the tissue box. You should line up the sleeves with the wings and have pipe cleaner showing at each end.

Now our Christmas angel tissue box needs a sweet face. Using the all purpose scissors cut out a circle that is 2 inches around. Using the all purpose marker, make a beautiful face with eyes, and so forth. Next, add the hair by gluing on the yarn bits that you collected. With the all purpose glue, glue the holy leaves side by side on the hair and then put the red sequin as the berry for the holy. Place a small amount of masking tape on the center back of the head. Glue the Christmas angel tissue box head to the center of the wings and sleeves you put together in the previous steps.

Now to make the Christmas angel tissue box more Christmas themed. Take the pipe cleaner sleeves that have the coffee filter on them and bring them forward to touch one another. Place the golf tee with the pointed in at the angel's mouth for a Christmas trumpet. Glue the end of the golf tee to the angel face. Gently wrap the pipe cleaner to the end of the trumpet golf tee.

To decorate the Christmas angel tissue box sleeves, use the all purpose glue the metallic trim to each sleeve as decorative sleeve trim. Your Christmas angel tissue box will be beautiful and sounding off to the world the joys of Christmas.